Cihanjuang 1b

The other good walk is to follow the line of the Lembang Fault ridge as far as you can.  One of the easiest ways to reach this line of hills, is to continue along this road for about 7 km until you see the Advent College on your right.

Immediately opposite the main entrance is a turning left leading straight to the ridge. Park your vehicle where the road cuts the ridge (there is a small kampung at the top) and begin walking. The track to the right (heading west) does not go far, but ends in one of the most spectacular views in the Bandung area.

Walk along the track for a few hundred meters, across across the small bridge before climbing up a track to the highest point, passing through flowers, citrus, etc., and you will be on top of a deep gorge cut through the hills by a tiny silver streak of river 300 meters below.

You cannot continue further (unless you have wings) so you must return to the rocky road.

(Catatan Richard & Sheila Bennett dalam Bandung and Beyond, 1980) Continue reading “Panenjoan di Cihanjuang”